Monastery of Kremasti

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Literally hovering near, on l arge rocks, between villages Lanthi, Arvaniti and at a distance of 15 km from the Tower lies the monastery of the Panagia, with views to the mountain Erymanthos and Foloi. The roof and walls of the temple are the great rock with pit, only the north side is open. It wa built in the year of1601. In the era of the Ottoman Empire was a safe haven for many thieves and rebels, while the secret school of the monastery brought together the Greek children of the region.

In the old code, there are recorded meetings of Heads of Ilia Revolution and the Old Man of the Morea Kolokotronis, while during the invasion of Ibrahim took refuges there, the Christians of the region. In 1829, five cells were built and in 1854 the rest. Of the many relics that were there, unfortunately very few survived. Among these precious treasure, the miraculous image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, delicate lining Silver Gospel, blessing and Silver Cross Reliquary pieces relics of Saints: Charalambous, Eleftherios Anargiron, Friday, Barbara and Panteleimon. The current multi-member fraternity of monks tackles and

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